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For further information, please contact Customer Services on 01254 388 111 or email enquiries@hyndburnbc.gov.uk.

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Refuse Collection

Hyndburn Council operates a two weekly waste collection system.

Week 1

Non-recyclable Waste (Grey Bin, Orange Sack)

Week 2

Recyclable Waste (Blue Box, Blue Sack, White Sack, Green Bag, Green Bin)

Recycling Collection

Trade/Commercial Waste Collection

The Council can provide a waste collection service for certain types of Trade/Commercial Waste.

For further information please see below:

Street Cleansing

Protecting and improving our local environment is one of the Council's top priorities and our resident's feel very strongly about clean streets and open spaces.  

Therefore, we have dedicated hand sweepers, mechanical sweepers and litter-picking teams all working together to maintain a clean and litter-free environment.

Service Standards and Strategies

Hyndburn Borough Council and Lancashire County Council have produced a set of service standards and policies outlining both residents' and our responsibilities to Waste Management and Street Cleansing.

Waste Enforcement Action

Council Enforcement Officers divide their time between advising residents and businesses how to manage their waste and investigating incidents of flytipping.

Fly-tipping, whatever the size, is illegal!

Find out more about Enforcement Action in Hyndburn.

Waste Services Resident Focus Group

The Waste Service Focus group meets to discuss service delivery in Hyndburn. If you would like to help shape the refuse, recycling or street cleaning service, email us on enquiries@hyndburnbc.gov.uk

View the latest information from Hyndburn's Waste Services Resident Focus Group.

View all residents' satisfaction surveys.

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