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Arden Hall

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Arden Hall

Arden Hall was built in 1845 by Benjamin Hargreaves the forth son of Thomas Hargreaves (who lived at Oak Hill Mansion). Benjamin died in 1880 and the hall became the home of a number of notable residents until it was finally demolished in 1948-1949. The footprint of the hall is still visible and was subject to an archaeological dig in 2012 and the report provides further details about the hall and its residents. The gates to the hall still remain in position and now form a welcoming entrance to the area. The old coach house to Arden Hall is now a private residence.

Further information is available upon request regarding this feature please call 01254 388 111 or email enquiries@hyndburnbc.gov.uk.

Further information

Concessionary Bridleway Route

A plan showing the concessionary bridleway route at Peel Park and the Coppice.

Details of the ecology in the area

Details of the 2 Biological Heritage Site Designations at Peel Park (details of the important habitats and flora and fauna).

Management Plan for Peel Park

Peel Park Management Plan 2015 - 2020

Parks fun pack

An activities booklet which can be used by young families and schools to make your visit to the park informative and fun.

Peel Park and Coppice Leaflet

An information leaflet for Peel Park and the Coppice.

Postcards from the parks

Pictures of parks and gardens within the borough.

Staging an event within a park.

Information regarding the staging of an event within a park.

Tips on helping your local environment.

Information and advice on helping your local environment in your outdoor space.

Walks in and around Hyndburn

A list of walk leaflets in and around Hyndburn.

Peel Park and Coppice Colour Plan

A colour plan of Peel Park and the Coppice

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