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A Brief History of the Globe Works

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The Globe Works of Howard and Bullough in Scaticliffe, Accrington, were to grow from small beginnings in Victorian Lancashire to gigantic proportions by the early twentieth century.

Started in 1853 by two men from Bury, Mr Howard and Mr Bleakley, the works manufactured machinery and parts for supply to the huge Lancashire textile industry, and indeed across many parts of the world.  In August 1853, the company's staff consisted of just four workers but rapidly expanded along with premises during the early years.  Soon, forty staff were employed when new buildings were erected along Fountain Street; comprising a smith's shop, moulding and grinding places and a turning shop.

The real boom began when co-founder Mr Bleakey pulled out of the business, leaving way for inventor James Bullough to take his place in 1856.  At this time, the company employed 150 people, and under Bullough's guidance the firm prospered, concentrating its manufacturing efforts on making looms.  By 1864 staff numbers had doubled and a series of extensions was undertaken.

Premises were built in Charter Street for the manufacture of spindles, in buildings covering some four acres in area.  By 1930, total floor space amounted to fifty acres, with almost all the older building having been re-built to give greater lighting, ventilation and heating.  The main building was complete with train lines and turn tables for serving out the hot metal from furnaces. 

At its height, Howard and Bullough employed over 6000 people from Accrington and surrounding areas.  During World War II, production was dedicated to manufacturing shells, gun carriages, aircraft components and the like for the war effort.

The name Howard and Bullough disappeared from the works in 1970 when the name became Platt International, after its then owners.  An additional name change came in 1975, when the Scaitcliffe works became known as Platt Saco Lowell.  Production was greatly reduced during these times and the workforce a shadow of its former strength.

The Globe Works closed its doors for business in 1993, 140 years after the company was first founded.

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The Globe Centre

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