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Deaths, funerals and cremations FAQ's

Q: Can you help me to trace relatives buried at Hyndburn's Cemeteries or cremated at Accrington Crematorium?

Q: When can I view the Book of Remembrance?

Q: I want to buy a grave, how can I do that?

Q: Is there room for another burial in a family grave?

Q: I am unhappy with the grave condition some weeks after burial, when will it be lawned?

Q: I have lost the grave deed, can I still bury in the grave?


Yes the owner of the Burial Rights in the grave will have to visit the cemetery office to complete a form of indemnity, which gives authority to the Council to open the grave for burial. 

If the owner of the Burial Rights is deceased, it will be necessary to check present ownership through inheritance.  If more than one person is entitled to a share in the Burial Rights then agreement to the burial by all interested parties will be required.

The Council cannot issue duplicate Grave Deeds.

Q: Can you tell me what time and the date of a funeral and is the service in the Crematorium chapel?

Q: How can I find the Crematorium?

Q: Are there toilets available at the Crematorium?

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