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Application for Street Name and/or Postal Number for New Property or change to existing postal addresses


From 1 April 2012, Hyndburn Borough Council will charge for the provision of Street Naming and Numbering.

The fees are as follows -

Application Type
Naming/Renaming of Roads

Charge from 1st January 2017
 Naming of a new road  £200 per road
 Alteration of Road Name for Unoccupied Street  £200 per road
 Renaming of an existing road when requested by residents  £300 per road + £50 per
 House Naming and Numbering
 Numbering of new development including flats/apartments:

 2 - 9 properties  £50 per plot
 10 - 49 properties  £30 per plot
 50 or more properties  £25 per plot
 Renumbering for individual residential dwelling/flat/apartment.  £60
 Naming of residential dwelling  £60
 Renaming of existing residential dwelling  £60
Other categories
 Change of postal address (road name / street)  £50
Changes to development after initial notification
 £50 per change
 Written confirmation of postal address  £40

These charges are not subject to VAT.

If you are uncertain as to the fee required, please contact the team on 01254 380 175.

Payment can be made in two ways, by cheque or invoice.  Cheques should be made payable to Hyndburn Borough Council and sent along with the application form.  If preferred, an invoice can be raised, and payment can then be made via the methods indicated on the invoice and application form.

If your request relates to a new address on an existing street under normal circumstances the postal address will be allocated as soon as possible after liaising with Royal Mail.

If your request involves the naming of new streets due to the consultation process with Local ward Councilors under normal circumstances postal addresses will be allocated within 28 working days from receipt of a valid application.

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