Accessible Britain Challenge

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Key Accessible Britain Challenge messages


  • The Accessible Britain Challenge is challenging communities to do more to be inclusive and accessible by engaging and working with disabled people to remove barriers that get in the way of them being full and active participants in their community.
  • The Accessible Britain Challenge is aimed at all members of the community, including local businesses, employers, service providers, voluntary and community groups/organisations and disabled people themselves.
  • The Government has a role to play in helping make this happen.  But communities are built by local individuals, groups and organisations. Engaging with disabled people and collaborating with them to co-produce and design solutions is key to making a difference to their everyday lives and to benefiting the businesses and employers who engage.
  • Businesses need to recognise the considerable spending power that disabled people have, and the contribution they make towards thriving local economies.
  • There is a growing recognition of the very positive contribution that 12.2million disabled people across the UK provide in terms of employment and vibrant local economies. We want to build on this by harnessing, showcasing and sharing the initiatives and good practices that exist already.
  • To support the Challenge and exemplify and showcase good practice, the Office for Disability Issues (ODI) is creating and will promote an online resource pack bringing together case studies, tools, guidance, and best practice on inclusive and accessible communities. This will be published to coincide with the announcement of the Challenge.
  • It is important to publicly recognise those communities that are making a difference and the organisers will be inviting nominations for Awards by the end of the