Aggressive Dogs

Aggressive dogs

Aggressive dogs are those that behave in an aggressive manner, bite or attack other animals or people.

Both ourselves and the police have powers to deal with aggressive dogs.

More serious incidents

The police investigate the following more serious incidents:

Dogs biting people

Organised dog fights

Dogs being used in a threatening manner

Banned breed

Report an incident

Call the police on 101.

If a dog is attacking a person or other animal call 999.

Less serious incidents

The Council can investigate the following less serious incidents.

Neighbours dogs that are aggressive

Roaming dogs that are aggressive

Dogs that have bitten other dogs or animals

Please note: we may also involve or inform the Police.

You can report an Aggressive Dog on:-

Tel:- 01254 388111


What happens next?

Once an aggressive dog has been reported and investigated, the owners could be ordered to do any or all of the following, via a Community Protection Order.

Attend dog training classes

Muzzle the dog or require it to be on a lead in public

Require the dog to be microchipped and or neutered

Repair fencing to prevent the dog leaving the property

Failure to comply and breech the Community Protection Order could result in a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) being issued or court proceedings being taken out against you.