Agricultural or Equestrian Developments

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About Agricultural or Equestrian Developments

In September 2010 the Council adopted a revised Validation Checklist for Submission of Planning Applications/Prior Approvals.

For applications involving Agricultural or Equestrian Developments the requirement (L33) refers to the fee which must be paid when submitting this type of application.

However Lancashire County Council no longer provide an agricultural assessment service, so please contact us prior to application to confirm the new arrangements and fees.

If we do need an agricultural assessment to determine the agricultural justification for the development you will need to commission and pay a consultant directly.

A Pasture Management Plan is also required. This must detail the number of  horses to be kept on the land, the amount of land available for horse grazing, and the measures to be taken to prevent churning up of the land.

Section L33 of the Validation Checklists for Submission of Planning Applications/Prior Approvals. available for download using the link  below gives further details.