Annual Infrastructure Funding Statements

These  documents provide a summary of financial contributions the Council has secured through section 106 agreements from new developments for off-site infrastructure works and affordable housing.

The information included in the report will be updated at least  annually and published on the Council’s website. This will ensure the most up to date information on the amount of developer contributions agreed  by the Council from new developments, in addition to information on where these monies have been spent,  is readily available to members of the public and other interested parties.

For many agreements money is due at specific stages, such as at commencement, then at occupation of a specified number of dwellings and on final completion.

Projects which the money is to be spent on may not commence for a period after the money is paid as developments have to be designed and permission obtained so there may be a significant time period from planning approval, being granted and the final infrastructure works being completed.

These new documents have to be provided in the form of three separate csv (comma separated values) spreadsheets as stipulated  by the Government.

 A written summary report has also been prepared which provides some more detail on the Infrastructure Funding Statements and on financial contributions that the Council agrees. 

This form of publishing the information supersedes the previous s106 Disclosure Schedule which can be viewed  here  on the same download page as the new spreadsheets.