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Before booking a collection, please consider the alternative options below including taking your items to the local tip yourself if you can, particularly smaller items that can fit into a car.

Donate to a Charity
Many charities will collect furniture for free and we have provided a short list below – please contact them directly.

Maundy relief – 01254 233 467

British Heart Foundation


Sue Ryder


Red Cross

Online market places – you can advertise as free for collection:




Facebook marketplaces – search for ‘Hyndburn buy and sell’ or ‘Accrington Buy and Sell’

Household recycling centres
Can you take the items to the household recycling centre yourself?

You no longer need an appointment.  Free permits for large items take only a few minutes to arrange.

If at any point you no longer need your collection, please let us know.

You can also check your recycling and refuse collection day and request a handy reminder to be sent to your phone at a convenient time.

To access my.hyndburn, follow this link to register.

You can also download the latest version of the app now or alternatively, search for my.hyndburn in your relevant app store.

Don’t forget to check your relevant stores for any essential updates to the myhyndburn app.


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