Banned dogs

It is against the law to own, sell, abandon, give away or breed the following types of dogs:

Pit Bull Terrier

Japanese Tosa

Dogo Argentino

Fila Braziliero

If you are illegally keeping one of the dog breeds listed, or you do not follow the requirements needed to keep such breeds of dog, you could be fined up to £5000 and / or face six months in prison.

Report a banned breed

Telephone – Call the police on 101.

If a dog is attacking a person or other animal call 999.

Please note: the police enforce this legislation. This is not something the Council can enforce.

What if I have a banned dog?

If you have a banned dog, the police can take it away and keep it, even if:

It isn’t acting dangerously

There hasn’t been a complaint

Seizing your dog

The police do not need a warrant if it is:

A public place

A private place and the police have a warrant for something else (e.g. a drugs search)

The police do need a warrant if it is:

A private place and the police do not have a warrant for something else

Releasing your dog

A police will judge what type of dog you have and whether it is (or could be) a danger to the public.

Your dog will then either be:


Kept in kennels while the police apply to a court

You’re not allowed to visit your dog while you wait for the court decision. You should contact the police to enquire about your dog, we will not be able to help you.

Stray banned breed dogs

The Council may happen to pick up a banned breed and this would be treated as a stray dog if found alone in public. The Council will then contact and work with the police and special arrangements will be made for the dog.