Bingo Premises

Bingo for ‘Good Causes’

Organisations that wish to provide bingo (or other types of gaming) for charitable or other non-commercial purposes (e.g. to raise funds for a society) may do so under Part 14 of the Act.

Non-commercial gaming may only take place at events where none of the proceeds from the event itself are used for private gain. There are two types of non-commercial gaming.

  • Prize gaming where the prizes are put up in advance, and are not dependent on the number of players taking part or the amount of money staked. There are no statutory limits on stakes, prizes, participation fees or other charges for this type of gaming.
  • Equal chance gaming where the amount or value of the prizes varies according to the number of players who participate and/or the amount of money they stake. Here a single payment of £8 per day may be charged to cover admission, stakes and any other charges for playing. The total value of prizes must not exceed £600 in one day. Where an event is the final one of series in which all of the players have previously taken part, a higher prize fund of no more than £900 is permitted.

In all cases, the players participating in non-commercial bingo must be told what ‘good cause’ is to benefit from the profits from the gaming.