Budget/Council Tax consultation form

Consultation on Budget/Council Tax

We take a no nonsense approach to managing the Council and make sure your money is spent on the things you most want sorting out. Poor financial management is very firmly a thing of the past and we have almost doubled the organisation’s reserves, taking them to around £1.4 million, in stark contrast to 2003 when the Council closed its books with a debit of over £110,000. The underlying financial position in 2006-07 has also been very strong.

This has allowed us to pay over £900k in pension fund contributions to offset any future-year employer increases; and paid for a £1.5 million makeover to the Market Hall. We’ve also got the level of debt right down; by putting an end to costly early retirements and successfully transferring the housing stock to release a further £28 million.

We want you to have your say in how you think the budget should be spent, so please take a few minutes to fill in the form below and return it to us, and watch out for the Area Council meetings early next year, where you can also make your voice heard.

Please take a few minutes to have your say and complete the consultation form