Climate Change the path to Net Zero



In September 2019, Hyndburn Borough Council declared a Climate Emergency and pledged to achieve the net-zero carbon target of the Council’s activities by 2030.

The pledge is a series of recommendations set out in response to help limit global warming to 1.5°C or stay well below 2°C global temperature target compared to pre-industrial levels.

In order to highlight our commitment to this pledge and enable positive actions, in November 2021 the Council announced a £1 million pot of Council reserves dedicated to tackling global warming.

The Council is proud of the current direction of travel. In order to continue this work and maintain momentum, the new Corporate Strategy has a dedicated section on the environment and climate change.


To make the Council’s activities and operations net zero by 2030, develop and implement an access for all environment with open green spaces and work towards reducing fuel poverty by encouraging the reduction in domestic home energy usage.

PriorityTo make the Council’s activities and operations Net Zero by 2030 (Decarbonise the Council and promote energy reduction)


  • Carry out annual carbon footprint studies and deliver on energy reduction across all council activities
  • Remove fossil fuel from council owned assets focusing on high emitters and buildings at risk and create an action plan to rapidly decarbonise the council’s operations and activities
  • Secure resources to decarbonise the priority buildings
  • Deliver a low emission vehicle fleet by converting our largest vehicle emitters to low emission emitters

PriorityGreen open spaces and the natural environment (Develop and implement an access for all environment to enable enjoyment and wellbeing)


  • Promote and maintain our green open spaces including our Green Flag accreditations to enable our communities to enjoy and participate in natural spaces
  • Plant a tree for every household in Hyndburn (30,000 plus) and scale up woodland coverage from 9% to 12% across the borough for flood management and habitat connectivity
  • Deliver net biodiversity gain by creating and enhancing habitats in association with new development and ensuring the natural environment is left in a measurably better state than it was prior to development
  • Develop a restoration programme for shallow and deep peatland across Hyndburn, to support restoration of irreplaceable habitat by adapting and measuring resilience
  • To ensure the positive management and enhancement of nature reserves and woodlands. Seek to designate Brookside / Bury Meadows as a new Local Nature Reserve and Country Park with climate action at its heart

PriorityDomestic Sector Home Energy Reduction


  • Secure funding and work closely with partner organisations to help deliver affordable warmth and energy reduction measures improving domestic stock conditions and energy efficiency
  • Deliver a domestic energy transformation programme supporting and guiding households to renewable energy from fossil fuels
  • Help reduce fuel poverty, ill health and provide warmer homes for residents of Hyndburn by assisting and supporting households with energy support measures, thereby improving the quality of life