Community Safety

Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-social behaviour (ASB)

ASB covers a wide range of unacceptable activity that causes harm to an individual, to their community or to their environment. This could be an action by someone else that leaves you feeling alarmed, harassed or distressed. It also includes fear of crime or concern for public safety, public disorder or public nuisance.


You can report by:

  • Lancashire Police by telephone on 101 or 999 if it is an emergency.
  • The landlord of the property if it is a housing association or a private letting.


Could you use Community Trigger in relation to anti-social behaviour?

From 2014, victims of anti-social behaviour can use a new initiative called the Community trigger to request a review of their case.

The purpose of Community Trigger is to enable members of the public to ask for a review of their anti-social behaviour case. This will allow all involved agencies to assess the way in which the complaints have been dealt with so far and what further actions can be put in place to resolve the issues.

Please see the Community trigger page for more information.


When to contact environmental health instead

If your anti-social behaviour relates to the following:

Noise – Such as regular loud music/parties

Dogs – Barking for long periods

Burning – Log burners, garden fires and smoke

Fireworks- Multiple loud bangs at inappropriate hours


Please report your complaint to the Environmental Health Team.