Consultation – Rishton Canalside SPD

The primary purpose of the Rishton Canalside Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) is to encourage and support the delivery of planning applications on a number of vacant and derelict sites. General and site specific development guidance is provided in the context of an overall visioning and masterplan exercise for the area.

The SPD provides further guidance on policy within the Council’s adopted Core Strategy, specifically Policy R3: The Leeds and Liverpool Canal in Rishton.

Following two informal consultation exercises involving the local community, businesses and other relevant organisations, Barton Willmore and the Council produced a draft report. The Council subsequently undertook a statutory 4-week period of consultation on the draft report in accordance with the Town and Country (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 on the draft SPD (concluding Friday 11 September 2015).

View the Draft Rishton Canalside SPD and associated consultation documents

The Council is considering how best to proceed with the SPD in light of comments received, resources available and current priorities in plan making work. Should the Council seek to continue work on the SPD it will collate, consider and report all the comments submitted during the Autumn 2015 consultation to Cabinet. Recommendations on relevant modifications of further work to the SPD will also be put forward. Following this the SPD would be adopted so that it can be a material planning consideration in the determination of any planning applications in the canalside area. For further information please call 01254 380 174.