Corporate Strategy 2018 to 2023

A Strategy for Growth, Efficiency and Quality

Driving growth and prosperity in Hyndburn

The Corporate Strategy outlines the Council’s vision for creating a Borough where all our residents have the best opportunity to prosper.

The strategy is structured around three main themes:

Growth: The Strategy sets out how the Council will facilitate housing and employment growth in Hyndburn. Facilitating housing growth will provide greater housing choice for Hyndburn residents and for people choosing to move in to the borough. Economic growth will provide more employment opportunities for local people and for people choosing to work in Hyndburn.

Efficiency: Hyndburn Council has a strong track record of providing efficient services and this strategy sets out how the Council will continue to improve the efficiency of the services we deliver, the facilities we operate and the assets we hold.

Quality: Hyndburn Council is committed to creating a borough that enhances the quality of life of our residents. Housing, employment, education and environment are factors that contribute to an individual’s health and well-being and their quality of life as well as helping to develop diverse and sustainable communities. Hyndburn Council will lead on some of these areas for example housing but for other areas such as education and health we will work with and support our partners to deliver the outcomes. This strategy sets out how the Council will work to improve the areas it leads on in order to provide residents with the best opportunity to enjoy a good quality of life.

By setting out what we want to achieve the Corporate Strategy helps ensure the Council remains focussed on the important things that support the achievement of our ambitions. It informs other key plans and strategies as well as the Council’s decision making to help ensure delivery of the objectives set out in the strategy.

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