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Council Tax Discount Reviews

The National Fraud Initiative (NFI)* report that nationally there is £32.6M of fraudulent or wrongly received Council Tax discounts, and as such are impacting upon the budgets of Councils all over the country. Details of the *NFI can be found in the NFI Report.

Hyndburn Borough Council has a duty to make sure that households pay the right amount of Council Tax, and will carry out checks to make sure that discounts and exemptions for Council Tax are accurate and up to date.

We expect that most residents who claim and receive a Council Tax discount or exemption are genuine, but some residents may be getting a discount or exemption when they are not entitled to it, perhaps because they have not told the Council of a change in their circumstances.

The Council has power to impose a penalty in relation to discounts and exemptions where a discount or exemption has been allowed, and the resident fails to inform the Council that they are not entitled to the discount or exemption.

If you have had a change which may affect your Council Tax, please contact us.


Frequently Asked Questions –

  • Why have I been sent a letter or email to review my discount or exemption?

We are performing checks on household occupancy and residency in order to validate claims for Council Tax discounts and exemptions.

We are simply verifying your eligibility to claim a Council Tax discount or exemption.

  • How do I renew or cancel my discount or exemption?

Please complete the review form to confirm your details, or to notify us of any changes in your circumstances.


  • What happens if I do not complete the review form?

We will assume that there has been a change in your circumstances and will remove your Council Tax discount or exemption. A new Council Tax bill will be issued to you detailing your new Council Tax charge and payment instalments.

  • What should I do if someone is using my address for correspondence only?

If someone is using your address as a correspondence address only and their main residence is at another property, please complete the review form.

  • A friend stays with me three or four nights a week, does this mean that I am no longer eligible for a Single Person Discount?

If your friend has their main residence at another property then you will still qualify for a Single Person Discount. However, if your address is their main or only residence then you no longer qualify.

  • How often will the Council undertake reviews of Council Tax discounts or exemptions?

Reviews will be carried out on an annual basis.