Disabled Adaptations

Disabled Facilities Grants Means Test

The Means Test will establish whether or not the disabled person will need to contribute towards the cost of the adaptation.

Where the applicant (the owner or tenant of the property) is not the disabled person, it is the disabled person who will be Means Tested and who will be required to declare, and provide documentary evidence of, all income, savings and capital.

These figures will be used in conjunction with a table of fixed allowances, set by the Government, to calculate the amount of contribution required.
Certain pensions and benefits will be disregarded in the calculation.

Adaptations for children are not Means Tested.

The Means Test is prescribed by Parliament and the Borough Council has no discretion over its use, or the results obtained from it.

If you are required to make a contribution, you will be asked if you wish to proceed with the Grant application. Your written agreement to pay the contribution will form part of the application.

The amount of grant will normally meet the cost of the works over and above the Calculated Contribution.

Upon receipt of a full application, the Borough Council will consider whether to approve the Disabled Facilities Grant.

Work must not start before the Disabled Facilities Grant has been approved.