Do You Need Planning Permission?

Further Information- links to validation checklists and pre-application forms etc.

Householder pre-application form

Non-householder pre-application form

Individual Validation Checklists for different application types.

Extensions (On the Planning Portal)

Planning Portal page listing conditions where you do not need to apply for planning permission (permitted development). See the link on the Planning Portal page to “neighbour consultation scheme” a previously temporary scheme for larger rear house extensions. This has now been made permanent with no requirement to complete construction by a certain date. This scheme cannot be used if work has commenced.

Outdoor Advertisements and Signs

Booklet explaining the rules for outdoor signs and advertisements

Planning Portal Online Application and Paper Forms

A link to the paper forms chooser and the online application system on the Planning Portal.

Lancashire County Council home page

If you want  to apply for planning permission without pre-application advice go to this internal page:

Submitting a Planning Application