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Contract Opportunities

The Elimination of Weeds and Grass Growth by Chemical Application – 19th February 2018

Quotations will not be considered unless they are submitted using the “two envelope” system.

The first envelope should only bear the words

‘Quotation for the Elimination of Weeds and Grass Growth by Chemical Application’.

The second envelope should state the following return address;

FAO The Head of Environmental Services

Hyndburn Borough Council

Willows Lane




All documents wishing to be submitted, including the quality statement, should be placed in the first envelope which is then placed inside the second envelope.

Quotations for the work must be submitted by 2:00pm Thursday 8th March 2018. Quotations received after this date will not be considered.

Tender Documents can be downloaded here 

Grass Cutting Contract – 25th January 2018

I enclose herewith a copy of tender documents for the grass cutting of highway verges and amenity areas from 2018 to 2020, on behalf of Hyndburn Borough Council.

If you wish to submit a tender it is very important you read the tender documents and return all necessary requested information or your tender may be ruled invalid. Please note that tenders are due to be returned by 2.00pm on Friday 9 February 2018.

If your organisation is unfamiliar with the borough, a desk set of plans is available for inspection at Willows Lane depot in Accrington which indicates where each area to be maintained is located. I am also happy to make one of my staff available for a maximum of one day to guide a representative of your organisation around the borough so they can orientate themselves with the size and locations of areas within the contract.

Should you wish to take up this offer or would like to discuss any issues relating to this tender exercise please email

If you intend to submit a tender, it is recommended that you make us aware prior to submitting a tender, although this is not essential.

The following documents are available to download:

Tender Letter

Grass Cutting Specification

Grass Cutting Conditions of Contract

Grass Area Measurements

Tender Form (For Completion)

Download the tender documents here – Grass Cutting Tender – 25th January 2018