Section 106 Agreements (s106)

Section 106 Agreements (s106) are a list of planning applications where a Section 106 Agreement or unilateral undertaking has been entered into.

Once you have found the planning application number for a site or address, find the planning application documents  by following the temporary method of  entering the number at the end of the link in search applications .

This link is also available on many planning pages and the home page.

Some sites have more than one planning application with revised S106 agreements.

The s106 Disclosure schedule shows when money due under a s106 agreement was received and if and how it has been spent.

View more information about s106 Agreements.

S.106 Agreements may also be Discharged or Modified after being entered into .

The application form including  notices to serve on interested parties can be downloaded below.

From January 2021 we publish extra information relating to s106 agreements  which can be viewed on the  Infrastructure Funding Statements  page.



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