Development Management DPD Examination

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Ex 37 DMDPDReg24 Report on Reps and Council Response for Inspector.pdfDownload
EX 36 All Reps to DM DPD Main ModsDownload
EX 35 KM Note for Inspector Matter 5 Issue 5i (impact on sales revenue).pdfDownload
EX 34 HBC Note for Inspector Matter 5 Issues 5i (range of deviations from space stds).pdfDownload
EX 33 Dwelling Completions Internal Space.xlsxDownload
EX 32 Guidance Note GN7 Waste Management.pdfDownload
Ex 31 DM DPD Examination Library ListDownload
EX 30 D Day 2 Afternoon session AgendaDownload
EX 29 C Day 2 Morning session AgendaDownload
Ex 28 B Day 1 Afternoon session AgendaDownload
Ex 27 A Day 1 Morning session AgendaDownload
EX 26 DM Sub 1 DM DPD Publication version incorporating all proposed modifications.pdfDownload
Ex 25 Schedule of all proposed modifications in Policy orderDownload
EX 24Download
EX 23Download
EX 22Download
EX 21Download
EX 20Download
EX 19Download
EX 18Download
EX 17Download
EX 16Download
EX 15Download
EX 14Download
EX 13Download
EX 12Download
EX 11Download
EX 10Download
EX 09Download
EX 08Download
EX 07Download
EX 06Download
EX 05Download
EX 04Download
EX 03Download
EX 02Download
EX 01Download
Draft Hearing TimetableDownload
Initial questions to the CouncilDownload
Matters Issues QuestionsDownload
Examination Guidance NoteDownload
Representatives intro letterDownload