Householder Planning Enquiry form (Pre-app, pre-application)

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The householder or an agent can complete this form.

It is NOT an application for planning permission - it is only used to inform you whether or not you need to submit a planning application.

If, following the submission of this form, you are told that planning permission is not needed for your proposed development you are advised to keep a completed copy of this form and our letter for use when the property is sold.

The form can be completed electronically but must be printed out after completion as data cannot be saved on the form.

Alternatively, download and print out the form and complete by hand.

The current charges for pre-application advice can be found in the Charging schedule download below.

The form and any drawings or sketches should be submitted electronically either by e-mail or on a CD with a covering letter.

Please also see the "Do You Need Planning Permission" pages if you have not already done so.

Charges for  Returning Invalid Applications. Please note that regretfully we will have to levy an  administrative charge to cover the cost of  returning invalid planning applications if you do not respond to requests and provide acceptable information within the time specified in any correspondence with you. (Please see the Notes download for  the current fees).

Pre-application advice Notes from January 2020 Final amended. No form v2.pdfDownload
(CALL52749) Householder Planning Enquiry Form 29 05 18Download