Private Hire Operators

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You will also need to provide an HMRC tax check code, which can be obtained using the link below:

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Public and Employers Liability Insurance

Policy on employing ex-offenders (please read below)

  • It is the duty of all operators to ensure that the staff they employ to work in their operating office are suitable to do so and are not persons who may abuse their position to take advantage of any member of the public.  Operators are in receipt of certain information such as the details when a property will be left empty for a period of time, and details of customers’ phone numbers. For that reason it is paramount that the person receiving the information is honest and trustworthy and would not either abuse the information themselves or pass the information on to unscrupulous persons who may use the information to their own advantage. The holder of the operator’s licence must ensure that all persons employed by them to despatch vehicles has produced to them a basic criminal record check.  Whilst the Council acknowledges that we are not in a position to dictate to an operator who should be working for them, a very serious view will be taken of any operator that does not ensure that the staff that they employ are honest and trustworthy and have not been convicted of any serious offence. This could cause the ‘fitness and propriety of the operator to be brought into question and could lead the Council to consider whether the operator’s licence should be suspended or revoked.Private hire operators will be required to produce a policy on employing ex-offenders. The policy should be in line with the Councils adopted policy; Determining the Suitability of Applicants and Licensees in the Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Trade, and the convictions policy therein.   The guidance is set out at appendix 1 to this policy.   This is to ensure that everyone working within the operator’s base is suitable to decide who is sent to carry a child or vulnerable adult unaccompanied in a car. Existing private hire operators will be required to deliver their policy to the Council within 6 months of this policy coming into force.  All new applicants will be required to produce the policy before a licence will be granted.

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Private Hire Operators