Section 106 Agreements (s106)

The Section 106 Agreements (s106) downloads below, show where a Section 106 Agreement or unilateral undertaking has been entered into.

The download below named  "s106 on website to xx/xx/xxxx"   (where XX represents the latest  update date) now has working links to the new search facilities but you can search by using the relevant application number on the new search facility for applications post 1998.  For applications prior to 1998 if the links don't work please use this search system

Where applications are highlighted in green on the attached document the links may not work.  Please contact  and we will provide them.

You can search within the download  by address or date of signing the agreement.  To find a date press Ctrl+F in Excel and enter the date in the  format day/month/year e.g 01/01/2023

For any non-working links or missing documents please email

We will either send the relevant s106 or a link to it.

Some sites have more than one planning application with revised S106 agreements.

The s106 Disclosure schedule shows when money due under a s106 agreement was received and if and how it has been spent, but was superseded from January 2021  by new a new system as directed by the Government and replaced by Infrastructure Funding Statements .

View more information about s106 Agreements.

S.106 Agreements may also be Discharged or Modified after being entered into.

The links in the developer-agreement_20211216 Links to new search added February 2024.xlsx spreadsheet work.

The application form to amend or discharge a s106 Agreement, including  notices to serve on interested parties, can be downloaded from the planning applications forms page.

The information in the Infrastructure Funding Statements is provided under an Open Government Licence (OGL) Version 3. The OGL V3 can be viewed  on the National Archives at Open Government Licence ( When re-using this information for any reason (commercial or non-commercial) please attribute it to Hyndburn Borough Council if possible, otherwise please attribute in this way "Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0."


S106 on website to 29-04-2024 With new links to Assure and NEC .pdfDownload
developer-agreement_20211216 Links to new search added February 2024.xlsxDownload
developer-agreement_20211216.csv — Updated on 2024-03-11Download
Hyndburn Infrastructure Funding Statement 2019 20 and 2020 21Download
developer agreement transaction 20211216Download
developer agreement contribution 20211216Download
s106 Disclosure Schedule 15-07-2019 For website publication.pdfDownload