Foxhill Bank

Wildlife at Foxhill Bank


The woodland, dense scrub and wetland provide good cover, food and breeding facilities for a variety of birds including Great Spotted Woodpecker, Siskin, Reed Bunting and Blackcap.

A highlight of the woodland is the avenue of Lime trees that would have lead up to the former mill owner’s house. The buildings and stonework have been completely removed, but a section of the avenue and some specimen trees from the garden, still remain. Other woodland areas were planted when the reserve was being established in the early 1990’s – these are being managed to develop into more natural habitats.

The vegetation in the lodges provides cover for Warblers, Waterfowl and Dragonflies. Damselflies are often seen hovering in the lodge vegetation and there is an abundance of Pond Skaters. The lodges create a good habitat for Common Frogs, Toads and Smooth Newts. Herons are also regular visitors.