Grow and Start Your Business

Grow Your Business

Regenerate Pennine Lancashire can help your non retail business grow and develop with advice, support and funding. Here are some of the ways we can help business to businesses companies.

New Product Development

Regenerate Pennine Lancashire can make that innovative idea a reality.
We can help take a concept from initial idea through prototyping and on to full market launch through advice, support and partial funding.

Regenerate can;

  • Assist with the evaluation and exploitation of technological developments
  • Actively help and support inventors, designers, suppliers and manufacturers to develop their ideas from concept through to the marketplace
  • Help you develop prototypes for product and market testing
  • Help you to make the correct decisions and choose the right suppliers
  • Help find the best route to market for your product or idea
  • Give you expert advice on legal issues concerning intellectual property rights.

Our independent advisers with years of product development knowledge can offer your business their experience in order to help your business succeed and achieve economic growth for the Lancashire area. Eligibility rules apply.

Business Process Improvement

Process Improvement usually refers to enhancements in business processes. Those can be;

  • Introduction of new technologies and systems
  • Exploitation of green technologies
  • Compliance with UK and EU directives

The European funded Lancashire Innovation Network project, delivered by Regenerate can help;

  • To examine current commercial processes in more depth in order to evaluate the potential for further development and improvement.
  • To cultivate a wider perspective which could provide an innovative solution to improve business processes or give greater business management control.
  • Access the Manufacturing Advisory Service through our accredited advisors who can conduct a thorough Manufacturing Review
  • Access partial funding to facilitate change and business growth, eligibility rules apply

Technology Advice, E-commerce and Digital Marketing

Regenerate Pennine Lancashire can exploit the latest business technologies to enable your business to grow.

The European funded Lancashire Innovation Network project, delivered by Regenerate can keep your business abreast of the latest developments and advise on how technology could be exploited for competitive advantage.

We can provide non retail, businesses to business companies with;

  • Sound e-commerce advice based on a wealth of experience and insight gained from working with a wide range of clients with an extensive range of commercial interests.
  • In depth support to help clients to introduce new solutions and ways of working.
  • The specification of an appropriate way forward and assist with the sourcing of any relevant specialist advice.
  • The development of new technologies such as mobile applications for business use.
  • Partial funding to implement the technology, eligibility rules apply.
    Access to specialist business events and workshops on the latest e-business topics such as Social Media and Search Engine Optimisation.
  • See our Events Page for the latest events

Our business growth services are provided by the Lancashire Innovation Network scheme, which receives funding from the European Regional Development Fund.

Please visit Growth Lancashire for more information.