Hackney Carriage Vehicles

Hackney Carriage Vehicles in Hyndburn

Hackney Carriages are subject to strict licensing rules and regulations to ensure they remain fit for the purpose.  Regular mechanical safety checks are carried out and they are also subject to tests on appearance and cleanliness.  Public safety is paramount and only cars meeting the strict standards are licensed.

The number of Hackney Carriages licences issued by the Council is unlimited, however, for any new licences being issued the vehicle must be a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Hackney carriages or taxis as they are better known, undertake the same type of work as private hire vehicles, there are however, fundamental differences in the way they are able to work.

Hackney Carriages are permitted to stand on taxi ranks waiting for customers, they can also pick up in the street after being waved down. Neither of these two activities can be undertaken by Private Hire vehicles.  Hackney Carriages can also be pre-booked with a Private Hire Operator.

All Hackney Carriages are fitted with a meter that must be switched on and will display the fare on arrival at your destination.  The table of fares showing the charges must be displayed in the vehicle. The driver must not charge more than the amount shown on the meter.

Journeys may also be booked and at that time, a quote may be given for the cost of the journey which if accepted must be honoured by the driver.  Extra charges may be levied for carriage of luggage or carriage of dogs (excluding carriage of guide, hearing and assistance dogs).

All licensed vehicles must comply with the following conditions:

  • Be capable of carrying at least 4 but no more than 8 passengers
  • Have a minimum of 4 opening doors

Please view the Council’s Taxi Licensing policy.