Hackney Carriage Vehicles

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Advertising on Purpose-Built Hackney Carriage Vehicles

The Council will permit advertising on ‘purpose built Hackney Carriage vehicles’ only, except for the following goods or services:

  • Tobacco companies or tobacco product advertising
  • Alcohol or drug-related advertising
  • Political advertising
  • Betting or gaming advertising
  • Sexual or racially offensive advertising
  • Hire and recruitment of Hackney and Private Hire Drivers

Details of the proposed design of the advertising must be provided to the Licensing Department.  Approval will be given in writing, before the advertising can be painted on the purpose-built Hackney Carriage Vehicle.

The council reserves the right to refuse any advertising on any purpose-built Hackney Carriage Vehicle, if it considers the design contravenes this condition.

A ‘purpose-built Hackney Carriage vehicle’ means a vehicle that must be similar in design to an Austin FX4 London-style taxi but DOES NOT include a saloon car or multi-purpose vehicle.