Health and Safety

Health and Safety at Work

Health and safety at work is enforced jointly by the Council through Environmental Health Services and by the Health and Safety Executive.

Environmental Health Services are responsible for the lower risk businesses such as offices, shops, leisure facilities, warehouses and catering premises. The Health and Safety Executive enforce health and safety in high-risk and manufacturing premises. They can be contacted on 01772 836200.

The Council works very closely with local businesses to help them both meet their legal obligations and to improve health and safety of employees in the workplace and anyone else that may be affected by their business.

Contact Environmental Health on 01254 388 111 or the Health and Safety Executive 01772 836200

The Council’s responsibility for Health and Safety includes:

  • Enforcing Health and Safety matters in designated workplaces.
  • Investigating complaints about working conditions.
  • Dealing with accident notifications.