Help with Planning Application Searches

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Planning Application Searches

You can view applications or check if an application has been made as follows –

  • Open the Search Applications page;
  • Search by address, application number or post code;
  • Select the date range you are interested in using one of  boxes on the left;
  • Select SEARCH

If you want to carry out another search, either reset the search at the bottom of the search page, or click on Planning Search.

For applications prior to 1998, please e-mail

To search an area, use the online mapping system.

Contact us by e-mailing for information about the current charge for a signed decision notice. The newest applications have the signed decision notice online.

The majority of application numbers are in the format 11/xx/nnnn where xx is the year the application was received and nnnn is the individual application number.

If searching for an application involving a mobile telephone mast or an agricultural application, the number may be in a slightly different format with PR or TEL substituted for the 11.

For applications prior to January 2011 where the application number is unknown, you can search for PDF copies of paper maps by following this link to downloadable copies of our historic planning application maps.