Help with Planning Application Searches

Planning Application Searches

You can view applications or check if an application has been made or registered in the following ways:

Search Applications by address or application number.

Search on a map use the online mapping system and then use the application numbers found to search using the Search Applications facility.

Further advice:

Where you know the address, or application number, use the Search Applications facility by entering the application number in the Application Number box or address in the Street Name box.

You can use the building name, or address in the Street name box as it searches on the address used in the application. If you don’t get a result try varying the address e.g. St Huberts Road, St Hubert’s Road, Saint Hubert will get slightly different results as will Roe Greave Road or Roegreave Road..

The Date Range search is only useful for dates since January 2011 as most applications prior to that were all given the date 01 Jan 1900 as they were all loaded onto the system on the same day.

Don’t use the Post Code search at all as most applications do not have a Post Code.

If you want to search an area you can do this on the online mapping system. There are detailed instructions for different types of searches on individual pages.


Applications since January 2011 have files named and loaded individually, and the whole application will be labelled either Current or Decided in the Status column.

Newer applications have the signature on the  website copy of the Decision Notice removed (the original applicant gets a signed copy).

Contact us by email to for information about the current charge for a signed decision notice.

If you are still unable to find the information try the  steps on the next page.