High Hedges

General Guidance

What is a high hedge?

In the eyes of the law a high hedge is defined as a barrier to light or access which is formed wholly or predominantly by a line of two or more evergreens and rises to a height of more than two metres above ground level.

Is my hedge within the law?

You can find out whether your hedge is within the law by using the high hedge calculator. Unfortunately it is not possible for the council to do this for you unless an official complaint is made.

High Hedge Calculator (Excel)

Is my hedge blocking my neighbours light?

Below is a useful booklet to help people assess whether an evergreen hedge is blocking too much daylight and sunlight to neighbouring properties.

Hedge height and light loss booklet (PDF)

Settling disputes

The Council encourages people to try and settle any disputes with neighbours about high hedges between themselves. The documents below provide useful advice and guidance on how to do this. Any correspondence between parties should be kept on file in order to provide additional evidence should the matter later need to be resolved by the Council.

Over the garden hedge – this leaflet provides advice on how to settle your hedge differences without involving the local authority. This process must be attempted before a complaint can be made to your local authority.

High hedges complaints: prevention and cure – this detailed booklet contains useful information and guidance on how to settle high hedge disputes yourself. The booklet also explains how to complain to the council, what type of complaints the Council will consider and how it deals with them. Information on high hedge legislation and appeals is also available.

I have tried to settle the dispute personally but this has failed, can the Council help?

Yes, the Council can help. However the legislation states that we must charge for the service and that we must remain impartial. Therefore, any advice we offer before an official complaint is made is unlikely to be specific to the case in question and hence will be general information and guidance.

Complaints handled by the Council

It is important that you firstly try and settle any disputes yourself. The types of complaints that the Council will deal with are highlighted in the high hedges complaints, prevention & cure booklet. The Complaining to the Council leaflet explains what will happen if the Council gets involved.

Complaining to the Council

If you would like to complain to the council about a high hedge please complete and return the form below.

High hedge complaint form

Appealing against a Council decision

If the Council’s decision goes against you, you have the right to appeal against it. High hedges – appealing against a Council decision – this booklet explains the procedures for appealing.

For any further guidance, or for hard copies of any of the literature provided on this site, please contact Hyndburn Borough Council using the contact details on the website.