Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support

House moves and other changes

If you have moved house, and none of your other circumstances have changed (such as your income) then you can transfer your claim to your new house.

Please complete a Moving House Form and send it to us along with your new tenancy agreement. If you do not have a tenancy agreement, please complete a certificate of tenancy and rent.

Other changes

If you (or anyone in your household) have had another type of change in your circumstances, we need to know, as it could affect your claim. Changes we need to know about include

· People moving in or out of your household including new babies

· An increase or decrease in your income or salary

· A change in your child care costs

· An increase or decrease in your savings or capital

· An increase in your state or private pension

· Changes to your child benefit or tax credits

If you are claiming Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support and you are likely to be outside of Great Britain for 4 weeks or more you must notify the Council immediately.

You can tell us about a change in your circumstances using one of our forms which should be sent to us along with proof of your change.

Go to changes of circumstances forms, some changes will mean that you move off Housing Benefits and need to claim Universal Credit. Details can be found on the Universal Credit website.

You must tell us about a change within one month of the change.

If you do not tell us about a change in your circumstances which could affect your claim, you may end up with a housing benefit overpayment. If we find that you deliberately avoided telling us about a change, you may be investigated for housing benefit fraud.

If you are not sure if a change would affect your claim, please contact us.