Hyndburn Local Plan 1996

The 1996 Local Plan allocates land in the Borough for different uses and sets down policies to guide where development should be allowed and what standards should apply. The Local Plan is used in conjunction with the Lancashire’s Minerals and Waste Documents.

Due to the age of the 1996 Local Plan, it should also be read in conjunction with other documents that have been published as part of the new emerging Local Plan for the Borough. The saved policies of the 1996 Local Plan will continue to inform decisions on planning applications until it is eventually superseded in full by the new emerging Local Plan. Following adoption of the Development Management DPD in January 2018, only three saved policies remain from the 1996 Local Plan.

The 1996 Local Plan Written Statement and list of the saved policies

The 1996 Proposals Map. The Proposals Map was updated following the adoption of the Core Strategy and Accrington Area Action Plan (January 2012). The relevant extracts can be found here: