Hyndburn’s Priorities

Making Hyndburn The Place To Be

This page shows you what Hyndburn’s priorities for improvement are over the next few years that will be delivered by the Council and its Partners and that will help us to deliver our vision of making Hyndburn The Place To Be.

The Sustainable Community Strategy 2008 to 2018 sets out how the Council and its partners make up the Hyndburn Local Strategic Partnership will transform the borough over the period of the strategy. In developing this strategy the Lancashire Local Area Agreement helped to shape the priorities it contains.

The Council has identified those priorities contained in the Sustainable Community Strategy that it can best help to deliver on and what it will do to achieve this are set out in the Council’s Corporate Strategy 2008 – 2018. This strategy clearly and simply outlines where we are trying to get to and how we plan to get there.

To ensure all Council Services are working towards the delivering the priorities set out in the Corporate Strategy each service area produces a Business Plan that clearly links its work to the corporate priorities.