Listed Buildings in Hyndburn

Hyndburn’s Listed Buildings

A listed building is one included on lists which are compiled by Historic England as being of special architectural or historic interest.

Listed buildings are the most important heritage assets in the Borough and tell the story of times gone by and the changing fashions of architecture. They should be cherished by all residents of the Borough and carefully conserved for future generations.

There are over 109 listed buildings in the Borough that represent an important part of the Borough’s architectural heritage.

Listed building status is not just limited to houses and other buildings but may also include other structures.

The definitive list of listed buildings can be found by searching the Historic England list  on the Historic England website.

This is the preferred way to search but you can also search on our list which may not be updated as quickly as the Histoic England list. A Listed Building directory indicating address and grade is available in alphabetical order of town.

The properties listed are included in the statutory list as principal listed buildings. Non-inclusion of a property in the list does not mean that it is not a listed building, as buildings that have an historical or close geographical connection with buildings in the list may still be regarded as ‘curtilage listed’ and subject to listed building control, even though they are not expressly mentioned in the list.

Almost all works to a listed building need to be authorised by a grant of listed building consent from the Council, whether or not planning permission is needed. Listed Building Consent is required for the demolition of a listed building or for its alteration or extension in any manner which would affect its character. This applies to internal as well as external changes as well as to works to buildings within the curtilage of the listed building.

Contact Hyndburn Borough Council on 01254 388 111 or e-mail for additional information on Listed Buildings in Hyndburn, but please note that the Conservation Officer is only part time so there may be a delay before we can respond.