Local Code of Corporate Governance

Our Code of Corporate Governance

Our Code of Corporate Governance brings together in one document all the governance and accountability arrangements the Council currently has in place and highlights areas where more work is required.  The code is based on best practice guidance issued in 2007 by the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives and the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy.

The code is written around the following 6 core principles:

  • focusing on the Council’s purpose and on outcomes for the community and creating and implementing a vision for Hyndburn;
  • Members and Officers working together to achieve a common purpose with clearly defined functions and roles;
  • promoting values for the Council and demonstrating the values of good governance through upholding high standards of conduct and behaviour:
  • taking informed and transparent decisions which are subject to effective scrutiny and risk management;
  • developing the capacity and capability of Members and Officers to be effective;
  • engaging with local people and other stakeholders to ensure robust public accountability.

The Code of Corporate Governance.

Not just a piece of paper.

The Council’s Executive Director (Legal and Democratic Services) is responsible for the Code of Corporate Governance.

The code will be reviewed and updated every year. Any significant issues found to need improvement will be reported in the Council’s annual governance statement, which is published alongside our accounts every year.