Local Development Scheme

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The Local Development Scheme (LDS) is a key document in support of the new Local Plan for Hyndburn. The primary purpose of the LDS is to set the timetable for the production of documents associated with the new Local Plan, however it also:

  • Provides a general overview of the status of the existing Development Plan, including confirmation of the list of saved policies;
  • Provides details of any Neighbourhood Planning activity in the Borough;
  • Sets the context for preparation of the new Local Plan in terms of financing, resourcing, and risks associated with it; and
  • Summarises the state of the existing and planned evidence base in support of the plan.

Progress towards document publication in line with the timetable set out in the LDS, and response to changing policy priorities as they arise, will be considered within the Authority Monitoring Report (AMR) when published.

The latest version of the Hyndburn LDS was published in February 2022 and is available to download:

Local Development Scheme 2022-2024