Hyndburn’s new Local Plan

Structure of the Hyndburn Local Plan

The new Local Plan is the name given to a series of documents in which the Council will explain how the Borough will be developed and grow to 2036. Once complete it will fully replace the 1996 Local Plan for Hyndburn.

The Local Plan is produced in accordance with the  Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012, referred to as ‘the Regulations’ in these webpages.

The new Local Plan comprises 4 key Development Plan Documents (DPDs):

  1. The Core Strategy DPD (first adopted 19 January 2012, now subject to review – currently in preparation)
  2. The Accrington Area Action Plan DPD (adopted 19 January 2012)
  3. The Development Management DPD (adopted 11 January 2018); and
  4. The Site Allocations DPD – currently in preparation
Timetable for production of the Local Plan

The timetable for production of the Local Plan is set out in the Council’s latest Local Development Scheme (LDS) published in June 2018. The Council recognises that the timescales set out in the LDS need updating in light of a number of significant events in its plan making process that have occurred in 2019/20 and the impacts of Coronavirus. These include:

  • the large volume of responses received to the Regulation 18 consultation earlier in 2019 and the time taken to deal with these;
  • the need to undertake a further Regulation 18 consultation on Gypsy and Traveller Site Options following publication of the Council’s new Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment;
  • a recommendation to merge the Core Strategy Review and Site Allocations DPD to a single Local Plan document for Regulation 19 (Publication) stage;
  • the need to align plan preparation with the emerging masterplan for Huncoat Garden Village.  The latter is due to be completed early 2021;
  • proposed changes to the plan making system as set out in the White Paper Planning for the Future (August 2020)

The revised LDS will be brought to Cabinet in due course when timescales are determined.  You are advised to keep checking these pages for updates to the LDS. The next key stage of plan preparation will be the Publication of the Core Strategy Review and Site Allocations DPD (Regulation 19) which is anticipated to take place later in 2021 (a formal date is yet to be determined).

Local Plan Public Consultation – Core Strategy Review and Site Allocations DPD

The Council is currently in the process of the ‘Preparation’ phase of both the Core Strategy Review and Site Allocations DPDs. This forms part of ‘Preparation’ of the plan under Regulation 18 of the Regulations.