Hyndburn’s new Local Plan

Structure of the Hyndburn Local Plan

The new Local Plan is the name given to a series of documents in which the Council will explain how the Borough will be developed and grow to 2036. Once complete it will fully replace the 1996 Local Plan for Hyndburn.

The new Local Plan comprises 4 key Development Plan Documents (DPDs):

  1. The Core Strategy DPD (first adopted 19 January 2012, now subject to review)
  2. The Accrington Area Action Plan DPD (adopted 19 January 2012)
  3. The Development Management DPD (adopted 11 January 2018); and
  4. The Site Allocations DPD – currently in preparation
Timetable for production of the Local Plan

The Council sets out its forward programme of work in the latest Local Development Scheme (LDS). The LDS was last updated in June 2018 to cover the full period of preparation of the Core Strategy Review and Site Allocations DPD to 2021.

Local Plan Public Consultation – Regulation 18 Feb-Apr 2019

Early in 2019 the Council consulted on its new Local Plan. The consultation involved both the Core Strategy Review and the Site Allocations DPDs.

The public consultation was held under Regulation 18 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 and is part of the preparation stage of the Local Plan.

View the Local Plan consultation video (9 minutes) – summarises the purpose and scope of the public consultation

View Local Plan consultation documents – view the documents that the Council prepared

An earlier stage of Regulation 18 consultation on these two key Local Plan documents was completed February – April 2018.

Once the Council has considered all representations received during the consultation period, further details will be posted here.