Hyndburn’s new Local Plan

2018 Reg18(1) Consultation summary information

To support the 2018 Local Plan consultation the Council has produced a short video (approximately 8 minutes long) and a summary leaflet. Both are available to view below. We recommend viewing these before the more detailed consultation documents, particularly if you are new to the planning system and how it works. It provides an overview of the Hyndburn Local Plan and the context of what the Council is seeking to achieve through this consultation exercise.

Local Plan Consultation Video (8  minutes long)

Local Plan Consultation summary leaflet


Consultation Documents

On 28 February the Council published three consultation papers in relation to its emerging new Local Plan. A brief summary and links to each of the consultation papers is provided below:

Consultation Paper 1: Core Strategy Review: Core Strategy Policies – Scoping Assessment: identifies which policies and elements of the Core Strategy require review and any new strategic policies that the Council believes are required

Consultation Paper 2: Core Strategy Review: Growth Options and Spatial Options : Presents a number of different Housing Growth Options, Employment Growth Options, and Spatial Options (for the distribution of growth across the Borough) to 2033, and how the Council will go about assessing the most appropriate one to take forward in the Local Plan

Consultation Paper 3: Site Allocations DPD: Scoping and Site Assessment Methodology: Confirms the key aims and scope of the Site Allocations DPD (likely content of the document), and proposal of a methodology by which the Council will assess candidate development sites and how it will go about selecting the preferred sites to take forward for allocation (or protection) in the Local Plan

Additional documents supporting the consultation papers are available to view below


Consultation Outcomes

Responses received to the consultation were reported to the Council’s Cabinet meeting in July 2018 with a Council Response to each comment received.