Lost Dogs

Lost Dogs

If you have a lost dog, report it to us and our contact centre will record the details on the lost dog register. We will contact you if we find a dog which matches the identity given.

You can do this by calling:- 01254 388111

Information I will be asked

Name, address, and contact telephone number(s)

Full description of your dog (i.e: name / breed / age / colour / size / any identification such as collar and tag and if it is microchipped)

Area in which your dog is regularly walked

Area in which your dog went missing and approximate time

What happens next?

Our contact centre will record your dog on their lost dog register. You could also post on social media along with contacting local vets near where the dog was lost. Lots of dogs are quickly reunited back with their owners through these means.

If your dog is found by the Council it will be treated as a stray dog and taken to our kennels.

Return fee

Once a dog has been collected or handed in as a stray, you need pay for the release and any veterinary fees occurred to the kennels before your animal is returned.

How much is it?

The release fee is £72 for the first day and increases by £8 per day for a maximum of 7 days

(The dog’s owner has 7 days to collect)

Payment can be made by card or cash at our kennels.

Aspen Valley Boarding Kennels & Cattery

Aspen Lane



T: 01254 233702


Please note: there is no facility for payment by instalments and there are no exceptions made.