Hyndburn Borough Council, with the help of local environmental charity Hyndburn Green Spaces Forum, are to invest £125,000 in Lowerfold Park, Great Harwood.

The investment comes after feedback from local residents who gave their views earlier in the year. The most popular ideas have been taken on board and include replacing older play equipment and creating a multi-use games area.

Cllr Miles Parkinson OBE, Leader of Hyndburn Borough Council said:

“We would like to thank all those involved, including the local school and families for their support and interest in the park. The feedback has been invaluable to the consultation. The future of Lowerfold Park will be shaped by our community and that is fantastic.”

The £125,000 investment is through a £95,000 contribution from Hyndburn Borough Council and a £30,000 grant awarded from the Lancashire Environmental Fund to the Hyndburn Green Spaces Forum.

Cath Holmes, Chair of the Hyndburn Green Spaces Forum said:

“Lowerfold Park has held a prestigious Green Flag Award now for many years and these improvements help to ensure the park remains an asset for local people. With such a great range of facilities for people to enjoy it will remain a popular playground for generations to come.

“As part of the developments provision will be included to ensure the play area is inclusive and can be enjoyed by children of all abilities. Part of the existing tennis courts will be converted to a multi-use games area following local people’s support for this type of facility, offering opportunities for a range of ball sports, including netball, football and cricket.

“Disabled access from Cliffe Lane into the Park will also be improved as part of the proposal.  The tennis court area will be updated to provide new fencing, a playable surface and new tennis net.   On behalf of HGSF, I thank HBC Parks Team for their support and involvement in putting together this project.”