£500 Grant Allocated to Rishton’s People’s Centre

A £500 grant  has been allocated from the Leader’s Budget to Rishton’s People’s Centre to support the group in unexpected but essential repairs to the building. This funding is critical for allowing the first floor of the Centre to be refurbished which will allow the Centre to make it available to hire for community use, meetings, and more.


Cllr Carole Haythornthwaite, Ward Councillor for Rishton, said:


“The Rishton People’s Centre is so well used by residents that there was no decision to be made about whether we should provide financial support for the group through this procedure. The space provides important services for locals and to allow access to the upper floor will only support this great demand.


“The group at Rishton People’s Centre do so much fantastic work in providing a comfortable and welcoming space for local people to come together and build new friendships, combatting isolation and loneliness within the community. It is so important that we continually look to support these small groups and by providing this grant, we are helping the people at Rishton People’s Centre to make full use of their facilities. This in turn supports their plans to expand their programme of activities.”


Rishton People’s Centre is a meeting place that welcomes people of all backgrounds. The space is used for a variety of community activities, from training and gaming to discussion groups and events, with the services on offer continuously looking to expand further.


The Leader’s budget was created this year to provide Council Leader Cllr Marlene Haworth with a discretionary fund to support key service providing groups that were experiencing financial pressure, support events for the general benefit of the borough, and to pay for additional Council services that help to make Hyndburn a nicer place to live and visit.