A solution for Taxis in Hyndburn


Action has been taken after results of a recent survey regarding hackney carriage vehicles in Hyndburn.

Hyndburn Borough Council officers have listened to feedback and analysed survey responses from residents about difficulties in obtaining a taxi in the borough. This is a nationwide issue, with a shortage of licensed vehicles throughout the country.

A Licensing Officer at Hyndburn Borough Council said:

“We are pleased to announce that the limit on number of hackney carriage vehicles has now been removed in Hyndburn and we are also implementing a solution to improve accessibility of taxis, particularly late at night. Over the next few months we are working with parking enforcement officers to monitor taxi ranks and ensure the parking of private vehicles in these spaces is not preventing licensed vehicles from using these ranks to work. Those found to be parking illegally will be issued with Fixed Penalty Notices.”

Special attention will be paid to the ranks in Accrington Town Centre, including the one outside the Bee’s Knees and on Blackburn Road. This action has come after feedback from hackney carriage drivers who find they often cannot station their vehicles on these ranks.

Hyndburn Borough Council are urging drivers to make sure they are not parking in taxi ranks and avoid any penalty notices.

“Not only will this help local taxi drivers with their business, it also helps public safety with improving the availability of a way home for people who may otherwise choose to walk alone at night, be enticed by a non-registered taxi, or even drive under the influence.”