Autumn and Winter Plan 2021 Announced

Cllr Miles Parkinson OBE, Leader of Hyndburn Council said:

“The Government have today published their Autumn and Winter Plan for 2021. Within this there are two items, the first is Plan A which is an approach to steer us through winter and the second, Plan B, details further measures which may be necessary to protect the NHS.

“The first plan includes rolling out of the Covid-19 booster vaccination programme, flu jabs and an emphasis on getting fresh air whenever possible, along with information about financial support to those required to self-isolate. The hope is that this plan will mean no further restrictions or measures are put in place.

“The second plan, plan B, includes contingency measures should our rate of infection increase and put pressure on our NHS. This plan includes a legal mandate on face coverings and a work from home order to ease an increased burden on our healthcare services.

“We had all hoped to be entering this next season with the pandemic somewhat behind us, however we must keep going to keep people safe and not become complacent. I am pleased to see the Autumn and Winter Plan for 2021 does not include closure of schools or businesses and I am encouraging our community to work together to keep these organisations a safe place.

“By getting our jabs, following the guidance and being cautious we will protect each other as we enter the autumn and winter months. By being vigilant we will also protect our workers and small businesses in Hyndburn, who are finding their new normal during these unprecedented times.

“Please do remember if you need support our Hyndburn Hub is open: 01254 388 111“