Awards to honour Hyndburn’s Community

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Hyndburn Community honoured with Jubilee Awards service

On Thursday 8 December Hyndburn’s Mayor presented community awards in honour of Late Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee year. The ceremony was held in Haworth Art Gallery’s Billiard Room with winners, their guests, and representatives from Hyndburn Borough Council present.

Winners of Hyndburn’s Platinum Jubilee Awards were nominated by people from the across borough during a campaign earlier in the year, which asked for individuals who go above and beyond for the local community to be put forward.


[Pictured: Mayor of Hyndburn opening the Hyndburn Jubilee Awards Ceremony]


Cllr Abdul Khan, Mayor of Hyndburn, said:

“It was a huge honour to not only meet these heroes from our community, but to present them with an award. This award acknowledges their outstanding contribution to Hyndburn and the impact they make every day. Haworth Art Gallery was a wonderful location for the presentation, and I hope all guests had a fantastic evening.”

The Mayor’s Committee, consisting of Sarah Barton, who recently received freedom of the borough, Town Crier, Rawden Kerr and Councillor Kimberley Whitehead, worked alongside the Mayor to select the winners of the awards after nominations took place throughout the summer months. This committee, which also includes Councillor Mohammad Ayub, work closely with Hyndburn’s Mayor throughout their term to fundraise and support various events during the year.


[Sarah Barton making a speech at the Hyndburn Jubilee Awards]


The Mayoral Committee said:

“Together we would like to not only offer thanks to the winners of the awards, who go above and beyond to make Hyndburn a better place, but also thank you to everyone who took the time to make a nomination. Reading the reasons for nominations was incredibly heart-warming and it was wonderful to learn just how many positive things are happening in our small community. We hope these awards can also inspire others to get involved, volunteer their time and also remind people to thank those who selflessly give their time and energy for others.”


Cllr Khan continued:

“Thank you to everyone who made these awards possible, it was a pleasure to be part of it and I hope all the winners know just how much everyone appreciates their efforts.”


20 awards were presented in total, consisting of individuals, couples and groups being honoured in the ceremony. Winners were presented with a framed certificate from the council, signed by the Mayor and Leader, a pin badge and a goodie bag.

When making a nomination people were asked to explain how the individual/group makes Hyndburn a happier and healthier place to live.

Those who nominated the winners of the Platinum Jubilee Awards said:


Amanda Clegg [pictured below with the Mayor]


“Amanda supports local businesses, helps with local community football and when I was recently diagnosed with cancer she shaved her head alongside me so I didn’t feel alone. Amanda amazes me and will help anyone, she is a credit to the community.”


Bev Wood [pictured below with the Mayor]

“Bev is a true community champion. Raising thousands for charity, helping those who are homeless and she has involvement with Lions, events and many other fantastic things. She is a wonderful person, helps people in need and is a pillar of the community.”


Chris McKean [pictured below with the Mayor]


“Without Chris’ 28 years of dedication, expertise, personal time and leadership many hundreds of Hyndburn children would not have water safety and swimming skills. Chris has dedicated so much time, brings together people of all ages and ensures Accrington Swimming Club is inclusive.”


David Price [pictured below with the Mayor]


“David is my retired neighbour. He is always picking up litter on the street. He is the most selfless man I know always helping others in the neighbourhood and in his spare time also helps maintain his local church.”


Garry Drinkwater [pictured below with the Mayor]

“Garry is retiring from being an on-call firefighter and watch manager at Hyndburn fire station after 34 years. He has given 120 hours a week cover to the people of Hyndburn for 34 years, goes above and beyond always and has a real commitment to serving the local community.”



Helen Tomlinson & Jill Keighley 

“They have run the Hyndburn Netball League for over 20 years giving up hours of their time each week as volunteers. They have supported hundreds of local girls to go on and play for their county and country. In addition to this they have encouraged and facilitated grass roots sports for girls and women of all ages. Without women like these two working tirelessly at local level we wouldn’t have the Hyndburn stars of the future.”

[Helen pictured below with the Mayor]


[Jill pictured below with the Mayor]


John Drinkwater [pictured below with the Mayor]

“John has been involved in establishing and now chairing the Ferngore resident association for many years which has served the local community in improving the livelihood, environment and by giving volunteering opportunities to many residents of Hyndburn. He is also involved in many small residents’ groups and works tirelessly in helping others.”


Mohammed Yaseen [pictured below with the Mayor]

“Mr Yaseen is involved in many community and voluntary groups to improve the quality of life and health and well-being of residents living of Hyndburn for over 40 years. He was a founding member and chairperson of Hyndburn Black and Minority Ethic Forum (BMEF) which helped build better community relations by working together with other communities. He was also involved in the establishment and is currently chairperson of Scaitcliffe Community centre, which has served local residents since 2001.”


Kath Everett [pictured below with the Mayor]


“Kath started ossy litter pickers and works tirelessly every weekend cleaning the town of Oswaldtwistle in her own time she’s absolutely committed to making it a cleaner more pleasant place to live. Kath is a true community champion for Hyndburn.”


Lisa Hilton [pictured below with the Mayor]


“Lisa runs the Hyndburn Helpers, for those who are homeless or struggling with food. She is an amazing lady who will help anyone who needs it or anyone who is struggling. She gives all her time to the community and helps in every way possible, with no questions asked.”


John Middlehurst [pictured below with the Mayor]


“Proudly litter picking our local areas. You often see John out and about with his grabber and bin bag.” “John is a credit to the community and deserves all the recognition for his efforts.”


Ossy Joggers Run Leaders [pictured below with the Mayor]


“This fantastic group of volunteers work hard to ensure that every member of Ossy Joggers is welcomed, encouraged, and supported. They not only organise group runs three evenings a week but also spend their weekends making sure that runs are organised and led. They put lots of effort into the community spirit of the club, organising lots of different social events for the Ossy Jogger family and recognise the importance of focusing on the mental health of the club.”

Hilary & Paul Austin [pictured below with the Mayor]

“Paul and Hilary have worked so hard for the local community including supporting Royal British Legion events across the borough and also represent the RBL at military events on behalf of the local branch at memorials and services in UK and Europe. They are also committed team members and volunteers for other local community groups including the Oswaldtwistle Carnival. Thank you for everything you do for others.”


May Edmundson [pictured below with the Mayor]

“May Edmudson, for years has been an integral part of the Accrington Lions. The sticking tape that holds it all together. Having served in the Accrington Lions for many years and has previously been Treasurer and President, her activities include but are not limited to fundraising for the community of Hyndburn. She is a true champion and team worker.”

Pastor Anne Lincoln [pictured below with the Mayor]

“Pastor Anne has been running a food bank for a number of years despite her own poor health. Not just a food bank though, it is a meeting hub, advice centre and somewhere to come for nurture. She is a friend to all, never judges and works tirelessly for the community but requests no thanks. An inspiration to us all, an angel amongst us.”


Matthew Shaw [pictured below with the Mayor]

“Matthew was registered Blind in 2017, he retrained to help and support people in Hyndburn and Lancashire. Since May 2021,Matthew has become a Social Care Support Officer in Reablement, supporting people in Hyndburn who have been in hospital and requiring support to stay independent whilst living at home. All the time, having visual issues of his own. He deserves an award for his dedication to the people of Hyndburn.”


Peter & Jennifer Holden [pictured below with the Mayor]


“They should be crowned Mr. and Mrs. Great Harwood. From work with the Civic Society, Charter Fair and many other events, they deserve recognition for continued commitment to the local community. Everyone knows and values the work they do, they are true inspirations.”


The Town & District Transport Trust [pictured below with the Mayor]

“The T&DTT volunteers transformed an old bus with Platinum Jubilee livery to bring the celebrations to Hyndburn in a unique way which enabled people around the borough to get involved like no-where else in the UK. Volunteers, both young and old spent months working on this in their free time. The T&DTT younger volunteers have various life struggles and this work has allowed them to experience camaraderie and pride. They took people around the borough on the bus over a number of weekends and again, gave their time for free.”


Ruth Colling [pictured below with the Mayor]

“For the last decade or more Ruth has been an active member of the community. Running family activities such as messy play and family teas at the church but an absolute lifeline has to be the toddler group she runs every Monday and has done for at least the last ten years. Ruth is always an active member of Rishton Prospects and when not organising family members events she can be found weeding and planting across many sites in Rishton. I believe it’s about time she got her time in the spotlight!”


Shelley Robinson [pictured below with the Mayor]


“Shelley started working with Spring into Action as a casual chaperone as we came out of covid, supporting people with learning disabilities to access a walk and talk group to improve mental health and wellbeing. She now continues to support that group, and goes above and beyond to ensure people can access it. She also now also supports a group of young men with learning disabilities to enjoy a Boxercise session, supports a group of 5 ambassadors to develop and deliver craft sessions to others.”