Community group launch initiative to encourage uptake of Covid-19 testing

This week Aawaz launched an initiative to help increase testing rates in Hyndburn. Working in partnership with Hyndburn Borough Council, Aawaz identified that many of the families they work with were not aware of the testing facility and how quick and easy it is to access.

Founded in 1997, Aawaz are a charitable organisation based on Blackburn Road in Accrington. Awaaz work with women and families, predominantly of a South Asian background, to give them essential support ranging from IT lessons to providing food parcels.

Saeeda Farooq, founding member of Aawaz said:

“To help Hyndburn Borough Council reach as many people as possible with vital information we spent time contacting many families and explained to them that this testing centre is a fantastic facility for the whole of Hyndburn. We have explained it is free, you don’t need an appointment and you also don’t need symptoms to attend.

This week we personally took a group of ladies to the testing facility and they all agreed it was quick, painless and they will encourage everyone they know to come along too. Hopefully through word of mouth we can reach as many people as possible.”

Nasra Nazir, Project Worker at Aawaz said:

“We have been explaining to everyone we talk to how it is vital to get a test so we can protect our family and our local community. By getting tested we can stop any more transmission of the virus. We have been working hard to spread the message, for example we have also been to local shops and displayed posters. We have asked those who work in the shops to tell everyone about this excellent offer of free testing too, by working together we can help Hyndburn.”

Cllr Miles Parkinson, OBE, Leader of Hyndburn Borough Council thanks Aawaz for their dedication to helping Hyndburn.

“Aawaz have been a very important community group in Hyndburn for many years, they do some fantastic work, and this has continued to be the case throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. On behalf of Hyndburn Borough Council, I would like to say a huge thank you to them for their support and we also want our wider community to know about the positive impact they have. They are true Hyndburn Heroes.”


Where can you get a Free Covid-19 test?

Scaitcliffe Community Centre

Hannah Street



7-days a week


No appointment needed, no symptoms needed, walk-in service

For drive-in testing or a test delivered via post visit:

For more information about the great work Aawaz do visit:

For information about Hyndburn’s testing facilities visit: