Council Secures Additional £500k Towards Improvements to Great Harwood’s High Streets

The Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities has today announced that Hyndburn Borough Council has successfully been awarded £500k as part of the High Street Accelerators Pilot Programme, which aims to bring together local stakeholders to support the long-term revival and regeneration of high streets. The Council, residents, local businesses, and community organisations will work in partnership to develop and deliver a long-term vision to regenerate a parts of Queen Street, Church Street and Blackburn Road in Great Harwood.

Great Harwood SquareBlackburn Road and Church Street are Great Harwood’s central shopping ‘high street’ – home to most of the town’s businesses as well as a number of important community institutions. Funding will be used to enhance greener spaces on these streets.

Funding is awarded on the back of a successful bid for £237k last year.

Peter Holden, local resident and Independent Chair for the Great Harwood High Street Accelerator Panel said “We’re thrilled with the news that our plans to green Great Harwood’s high streets have been approved. This is fantastic news for the town’s residents and local businesses. The Panel looks forward to working alongside Hyndburn Borough Council to get started on finalising the details and bring this project to life.

Greener spaces will not only enhance the visual appeal of the high street, but we believe it will create a more vibrant and welcoming atmosphere for the community, helping local businesses to thrive. This project is for all of Great Harwood, and we look forward to seeing it flourish.”

Councillor Noordad Aziz, Netherton Ward Councillor said, “I’d like to thank the Panel led by Peter Holden, and the residents and local businesses who supported the development of the proposals.”

Councillor Heather Anderson, Member of the Panel said, “This is fantastic news for Great Harwood. As a lifelong resident of the town, I’m delighted that we have managed to attract this funding and look forward to the improvements it will bring.”

Councillor Mohammed Younis, Member of the Panel said, “I’m delighted that the Council has received this funding, and grateful to all of those involved. I welcome any investment the Council can bring to Great Harwood and all of our townships.”

Great Harwood is one of three towns across Lancashire to receive the funding, alongside Blackburn and Blackpool. The £1.5 million funding comes from the government’s High Street Accelerators pilot programme launched in December last year, which is backed up to £7 million. The pilot is working with 10 local authorities in England to accelerate improvements to their high streets, while empowering residents and local businesses to partner with them on a regeneration plan that meets the needs of the community.

The funding follows an earlier grant of £237,000 to each of these 10 areas, to help them kickstart long-term regeneration plans with residents and businesses.