Council Tax Scam Discount / Refund Email

We have become aware of an email claiming to be from .GOV.UK telling residents they can get money off their Council Tax or a refund. Do NOT click the link on this email, it is a scam. It is a phishing email trying to get hold of your bank or credit card information to enable the senders to commit fraud against you.

The email does not originate from .GOV.UK and is usually a random Hotmail account. The email has nothing to do with Hyndburn Borough Council despite mentioning Council Tax. The email is targeting residents across multiple Council areas and not just Hyndburn residents.

If you receive this email the safest thing to do is just delete it without responding in any way.

You can report the email to Action Fraud UK via their website

Or by telephone: 0300 123 2040

Action Fraud UK actively co-ordinates information sent to them in order to catch the fraudsters that create these scams in order to prevent them.